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Living Labyrinth

by Ian Stewart and Tim Poston

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Named characters of The Living Labyrinth, described at their entrances. Characters who recur in Rock Star are marked with a *.
Valkyrie team (Concordat bios)

Irenotincala Jenifa Laurel (Tinka)*. Age 21 standard years. Waylander. Tall with characteristically lopsided hands, index finger longer than the rest, thumb curiously extended. Brown eyes, brunette hair in scalloped bangs. Keeps her head when all about her are losing theirs. Accomplished pilot, can fly pretty much anything in or out of atmosphere. High levels of physical courage and mental strength, but brittle under extremes of stress.

Jane Bytinsky*. Age 24 sy. Not as tall as the other two women: typical slender build from mid-gee worlds like her home planet of Ebisu. Unusually fast reflexes. Xenologist — expert on alien worlds, habitats, and critters. Paired with Felix Wylde.

Felix Wylde*. Age 26 sy. From Daikoku, around the same star as Ebisu. Tall, muscular, hair cropped short with a typical Daikoku gengineered silver streak. Quiet personality, taciturn. Xenologist.

Lady Elzabet of Quynt (Elza)*. Age 22 sy. Third daughter of a Duchess, spent all her life on Hippolyta. Willowy blonde, physically striking. Quick reflexes, fit and strong. Doxorate in rock dynamics. Mentally: mild instability, occasional mood swings. Impulsive and unpredictable.

Samuel Grey Deer Wasumi (Sam)*. Age 22 sy. Born on Buffalo; family moved to Wounded Knee when he was six. Prone to snap decisions from little information, prefers action to discussion.

Marco Leontevich Bianchi*. Age 22 sy. From Inferno, the dark side of a close-in planet named Dante. Engineer, aced all the tests. Short and stocky, with a mop of black curls in a bonsai topiary style once fashionable on his homeworld Inferno; now almost a brandmark of graduates from the Inferno Institute of Technology. In and out of scrapes all the time. Mostly minor. Has difficulty taking anything seriously. Impetuous.

Concordat personnel

Philomena Vance*. Officer in Concordat Special Executive (or Starhome Security?) on Suufi, occasionally seconded to training.

Brianess Smythe *. Faculty Advisor to Felix Wylde, making his research on Gamut more difficult.

Artur Bendix Tampledown*. Chief Scientist of the Bureau of WTF at Starhome.

Born on Qish
Grossest Midden

Birajaro. Boloona cultivator in Sackbane village, with ten fingers.

Beni Salu. Doctor of Sackbane village, trained in Two Mountains medical college.

Keli hep Brundo*, priest for Sackbane village of the Church of the Undivided Body: thus, authority there.

Gorgi Brundo. Envious cousin of Keli hep Brundo.

Two Mountains

Patrick Aloysius de Vere Harmsworth Nasruddin*, deceased. First Deacon of the Church of the Undivided Body.

Tanling Denison Bancroft Geoffroy DeLameter* (the Revered). Current Deacon of the Church of the Undivided Body, thus highest authority throughout the continent of Shaaluy.

Augustine Tambiah Sadruddin*. Personal Chaplain to the Deacon.

Jawaharlal Megiddo Ataulfo Kurpershoek. Captain of the Undivided Guard.

Cuzak Bli. Fanatic corporal in the Undivided Guard.

Mulnood. Private in the Undivided Guard.

Vrent. Private in the Undivided Guard.

Brzeska Umbleby Crookshank. Membrancer in the retinue of Deacon DeLameter.


Kirlian. Town sweeper.

Thomas Sokagai. Syndept.

Dag Riveroak*. Doctor.

Kolata Biru*. Widow with land holding nearby.


Mahmool hep Hazaar Dickensohn. Owner of the Grand Khanatta.

Four-way Polo. Manager of the Grand Khanatta.

Lomyrla Polo Koorbun*. Ossivore-trainer and acrobat; niece and selfborne daughter of Polo.

Gold Lightning*. Stage name of Lady Elzabet of Quynt.

Marcolette Polo Koorbun*. Daughter of Lomyrla Polo Koorbun and Marco Bianchi.

Polonia Bianchi Koorbun*. Daughter of Lomyrla Polo Koorbun and Marco Bianchi.

Agents of Shaaluy

Snalikka. Recruited by Sadruddin.

Magborp. Henchmate of Snalikka.

Vain Vaimoksi (widely distributed, but HQ and camps in Dunelands)

Drusilla Sybilschild. Primarch.

Elenya Ingridschild. longest serving member of the Council of Seconds.

Goligo. Slave in labour camp.

Cecily Sarahschild. Slave mistress in labour camp.

Maggi Annaschild. Monitor at Slavestone Central.


Morgan Joplin Hoyle. Liaison officer for the Men of Spint.

Barnes de Montfort Bonvisage. Chief Tactician of the Kuukau Front.

Fidel Plocknicki. Lieutenant in the Kuukau Front.


T'quoise per-Wylzen. Small landholder of Dawling Village, self-taught syndept.

C'baltper-Wylzen. Deceased brother of T'quoise.

Cin'mon, Tawn. Deceased parents of T'quoise.

Am'thys Hoik, Custodian of Dawling Village.

Dun Hoik. Husband of Am'thys Hoik and Garn't Hoik.

Al'zarin. Queen of Clan Esmion, with near-monopoly control of other clans' water.

Jasmine. Servant girl to Queen Al'zarin.

Umb'r. Provost to Queen Al'zarin.

Baron Sable. Ally of Queen Al'zarin.

Kespe. A leading rival clan.

Rufe Strogitz alias Jasp'r. Second son to clan chief Gules of clan Lrmontov.


Vulvole. Calysh islander: kelper and smuggler.

Vanhammet. General with the SVA army.

Fingal Marsden von Hayashiko*. General of the SVA army.

Haboush. Underguard in the SVA army.

Plimskit. Underguard in the SVA army.

Mashlawton. Engineering lieutenant in the SVA army.

Marrigs.Squadman in the SVA army.

Cavern dwellers

Forrence of the Silver Trefoil. A second-tier Speaker of the Colloquium.

Duranga-Muüta of the Golden Oval. First Colloquist of the Colloquium, and final authority.

Worryl of the Saffron Ovoid. Second Colloquist of the Colloquium.

Shevveen-Duranga of the Saffron Lozenge*. Probationer of the Colloquium.

Gribben the Seer (long deceased). Last descendant of a tech-oriented family, before it became wholly mystical.

Fharssha of the Beryl Hoop. Servant of the Colloquium.

Vyry of the Beryl Hoop. Servant of the Colloquium.

Khower of the Blue Arc. Poundsman of the Colloquium.

Gunnigoom of the Brown Lens. Squadsman of the Colloquium.

Muumani. A Deceitful Maiden, deceitful even as to her own existence.

Nhyuumâja. A Deceitful Maiden, deceitful even as to her own existence.