The site is full of 'spoilers' for the book

Living Labyrinth

by Ian Stewart and Tim Poston

If you can't read St Matthew's Gospel because St Mark gave away the resurrection, don't explore further.

I like background on books:
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Fan (and anti-fan) space

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You may not be a 'fan' of the Concordat universe, or of Qish and syntelics in particular, but if you're here you are at least interested enough to be critical. We'd like to hear those criticisms.

Criticism, praise, argument about Qishi economics or the ecology of sea monsters, etc., are welcome in the Forum.

If your mind gets so far into the Concordat universe that you start creating things there, this is the place to share them, unless you want to get paid. (We don't have a budget for that … but sometimes fan fiction goes on to commercial success, outselling the fiction that seeded it. Given the look of Qishi vegetation, perhaps somebody will write Fifty Shades of Orange.) So, there is a space for fan fiction. It has no gatekeeper making judgements on your prose, but your postings will stay more visible if other people like them.

If your creativity is more visual,there is a space for fan art. Landscapes, spacecraft (in space, or crashed), events from the book — or just belonging in the Concordat universe — are welcome.

Most people who find Qish interesting will be specifically interested in how things work there, and some will want to share their reasoning about that. If you want to discuss how the native life-forms function (and get feedback from us),there is a space for fan science. Perhaps you will provoke interesting discussions in the Forum.

Long before humans on Qish figured out how things there work, though, they discovered ways in which things can be made to work. Like early humans on Old Earth who built bridges without calculating stress tensors, or bred today's bananas into existence without knowing about DNA, they were engineers. Many of their inventions are described in The Living Labyrinth, many are not. You are invited to publish work on syntelic inventions in the space for fangineering, though (unless you can find your own source of syntei) your study may have to remain theoretical.