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Living Labyrinth

by Ian Stewart and Tim Poston

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Core habitats

Carystus, dwarf planet, orbiting half a light year out from Beta Centauri, near absolute zero. Would be ignored, but since the exhaustion of the Solar System Oort Cloud anomalous supply of mahabhavium, it is the Concordat's only source of mahabhavium. Anybody who leaves its Bubble Cities is subject to neurolock without a termination clause, to keep this source secret.

Chomsky, founded by compulsive linguistic theorists. Even born there, you don't get certified for full citizenship until your personal private language is novel, inventive and learnable.

Courant, human-livable planet, major centre for the mathematical sciences.

Dool, mostly temperate planet with perversely high educational standards.

Basilisk XIII, a planet where methane freezes: core of a gas giant which lost its fluids to an interstellar near-miss. Mined for hydrogen metal nine,

Digamma Crocodili, small star with one small planet and one habitat: unusually calm κ-weather makes it an important hub.

Ed Witten, L5 habitat orbiting Wayland behind the moon Feynman.

New Earth, first self-sustaining planetary colony created by Concordat. Earthlike biochemistry, some allergy problems but enough difference that evolved defensive poisons (stinging nettles, wormwood, etc.) have little effect on Old Earth life. One of the few planets where a lone human can live off the land, without med-tech or cultivation.

Dante, Earth-sized planet near its red-dwarf sun, tide-locked. Surprisingly thick atmosphere balances temperatures somewhat, via great winds and storms. No natural biota, but split water-ice from 5×1018 tons of Oort bodies made the air breathable. High-tech required for human survival.

Inferno, the dark side of Dante, best known for Inferno Institute of Technology (IIT), Silicon City, and the development of Da Silva networked parallel processors exploiting time-flow differences. Low κ increase rate makes it a 'fast outsourcing' resource for Starhome, except when a simquake is due.

Squamish, much unexplored jungle; known for colourful biota and commercial sensuality.

My Delight, human-livable planet, shallow seas and archipelagos with lush grasslands and forests. Tropical region still perilous due to lunar break-up.

Nuh Wisp, core stars of the Secular Islamic Alliance.

Sahel VIII, human-livable planet, naturally arid but highly aquaformed.

Starhome, human-livable planet, administrative centre of the Concordat, in a fast-κ region around the supergiant star Rigel to avoid surprises. Many jobs are in orbital habitats, but the planet is preferred for child-raising: households typically polygynandrous.

Stibbons, low-gravity, high-oxygen world colonised from Inferno, equally fascinated by technology and very competitive with it: butt of many Infernal jokes.

Suufi, only moon of Typhon, surface gravity 0.1g, atmosphere retained by sphere of plastic, vacation centre.

Wayland, human-livable planet, around the red dwarf Alberich: year 2600 hours, negligible UV.