The site is full of 'spoilers' for the book

Living Labyrinth

by Ian Stewart and Tim Poston

If you can't read St Matthew's Gospel because St Mark gave away the resurrection, don't explore further.

I like background on books:
let me in, and do not warn me again

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Academic Credit

As the sole Old Earth representatives of the Inferno Institute of Technology (IIT), professors Stewart and Poston, who have worked at Warwick University, Tübingen, Auckland, Boston, Minneapolis, Santa Fe Institute, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, IMPA, Rochester, o Porto, Geneva, Stuttgart, the Medical University of South Carolina, UC Santa Cruz, UCLA, Postech, the National University of Singapore, Johns Hopkins Singapore, the General Electric company, and the National Institute for Advanced Studies, are empowered to give and publish credit to individuals or groups for good practical or theoretical syntelic research submitted here. Such credit may be cited on CVs, with links to this page: use made of it will vary with the receiving institution.

See also the possible projects on the Shinsa and Work on This Site pages.

Site Credit

We wish to thank Badal Yadav for powerful site-building work, Ankit Tiwari for turning sketches into terrain maps, and Arpita Subhash Tugave for the 'moving κ-now' figure.

Anybody with ideas on improvement of this site, please get in touch. One possible project is to connect the Qish timeline with the maps: slide down the history, and see the human-inhabited area grow, with place mentions causing highlights.