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Living Labyrinth

by Ian Stewart and Tim Poston

If you can't read St Matthew's Gospel because St Mark gave away the resurrection, don't explore further.

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Hippolyta, human-livable planet, with three continents, Quynt, Klyte, Flope, each ruled by a Duchess under a system-wide Queen (currently Francesca VII), along with five moons of gas giants, hence the Queen is monomatriarch of Hippolytan System.

Fort Purity, human-livable planet, dominated by a religion which identifies Krishna with a repressive variant of Christ, widely regarded as evidence of laxity in the Concordat's psych screening of colonists from Old Earth. Currently fighting a civil war with a new sect, the Church of the Divine Narrative (first commandment, "Thou shalt not act out of character").

Owemgee, and Kevin, early colony planets still struggling with effects of early disasters.

Bwawa-Kubwa, privately owned safari planet, stocked with animals (mostly) from Old Earth.

Grope, human-livable planet, fundamentalist sex worker planet: the only truly respectable work is taking in each others' body parts.