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Timeline of human-galactic history

Histories of one planet tend to use that planet's solar year as the dominant time unit, though on a planet without axial tilt is without annual seasons and (like the Balinese on Old Earth's equator) their people find other cycles more interesting.

Histories involving multiple planets still use standardised forms of Old Earth's solar year, or of multiples of a second (originally 1/(24×60×60) of an Old Earth solar day). Attempts to take the basic unit of time as the fundamental oscillation period of the mahabhavium nucleus have not won wide acceptance.

Old Earth still labels years according to the CE (Common Era) system, originating from the AD (Anno Domini) scheme which attempted to begin with a religious figure's conception or birth, which (if he existed) occurred between 3 and 8 years before 1CE.

The Concordat uses "GE": arguments about whether the G represents Gagarin (whose 1961CE orbital flight defines its zero date), or Galactic, have been settled by the rule that it stands for GE. Even on Old Earth this ceased to cause confusion after the General Electric company founded in 1892CE (a Year 0 promoted by some corporate technophiles) was acquired by Google in 2048CE. The Concordat-centric timeline below follows the GE system.

Date Event or process
0 Gagarin flight.
65 onward  Climate change becomes dramatic, environmental disasters on the rise.
71 Muthuramalingam's equations for the karmabhumi field.
75 Synthesis of a few atoms of 'unbihexium': placeholder name replaced by mahabhavium. Predicted karmabhumi resonance properties confirmed.
78 Establishment of shaky world government.
79 Start of building first Beanstalk, as a unifying measure and for economic access to resources of space.
82 Invention of Da Silva drive, its necessity for mahabhavium confirmed.
85 Remote detection of substantial quantity of mahabhavium in outer Oort Cloud, approximately 1 light year from Earth, out of reach for reaction drives.
87 onward  Holland, Florida, Bangladesh, etc. under water. Global refugee crisis, plagues out of control, starvation barely averted by synthlife factories.
 89, 91, 92, 97  Fission reactor accidents that render several countries uninhabitable. Mismanaged 'Turn from Nuke' crumbles the world economy.
98 onward  Vast 'To the Stars!' effort to create 1.2gm of mahabhavium for Oort-capable spacecraft, as unifying theme for world inhabitants. Heavy environmental costs.
99 Completion of first Beanstalk: transfers resources from Earth to mahabhavium-making accelerator around Moon's equator, more than from space to Earth.
111 Star Pyramid launched: pilot lost, but enough mahabhavium returned to jump-start interstellar travel;
World Government sets up Far Travel Legislature (FTL) to manage it.
FTL assumes control of Beanstalk.
114 Need for extreme engineering precision and quality, in a world with education and infrastructure in decay, prompts draconian controls within FTL.
119 First exploration vessels find many worlds with O2 atmospheres, mostly due to carbon-hydrogen-oxygen-nitrogen (CHON) life, but gaseous components like hydrogen cyanide, chloroethane, etc, are common.
Atmospheres dominated by ammonia and other chemistries, even where non equilibrium indicates life, are merely tagged for later research.
121 First habitable-seeming planet reached, named Other Eden.
123 Other Eden colonisation rushed by World Gov, small and under-equipped. Floods lead to conflict between armed factions, collapse in six months: few survivors.
124 FTL demands extreme requirements of intelligence, health and mental stability for future colonists. 'Anti-elitist' radical-green group takes World Gov power, FTL declares itself autonomous, tightens admission rules.
125 World Gov fails to re-impose authority, collapses:
Earth reverts to an unclear number of national governments.
128 onward  FTL establishes toehold on several planets: bases are not colonies.
132 FTL reorganises as the Concordat of Habitable Exoplanets, with a governmental structure reflecting the k-weather limits to centralisation.
133 Establishment of the first-generation interstellar Da Silva communication grid.
135 Concordat builds first Colony Vessels, recruits colonists mostly from Old Earth population.
136 Lalande Colony Vessel landing.
137 Tau Ceti Colony Vessel landing.
138 Lalande Colony disaster.
139 Groombridge 34 Colony Vessel landing
139 Tau Ceti Colony disaster
140 Groombridge 34 Colony disaster
140–144 Colonisation policy reassessment.
145 '100-year Sink or Swim' rule established.
150 Second Colony Vessel to Lalande (now New Earth).
152 Starhome base established as administrative centre for Concordat: becomes major population centre.
157 Hidden monitors report New Earth success, but colonists detect monitors. 'Sink or Swim' policy confirmed, strengthened to 'absolute hands off, with no monitors'.
160 onward  Diaspora
CV settlements on Nyny, Owemgee, Kevin, Squamish, My Delight, Hippolyta, Wounded Knee, Bluepeace.
162 Successful CV settlement on Ebisu, soon leads to secondary colonies on companion planets Daikoku, Benten, Fukurokuju, Hotei, Jurojin and Bishamon.
173 Colony Vessel Magog launched, crashes on Qish, lands in the Nuh Wisp.
175 Vega Uprising fails.
195 Inferno set up as base for accelerated research (between simquakes), becomes high tech settlement.
230 onward  Concordat exploration intensifies, leads to in-contact settlements using Concordat stock with social memory of the hardships and triumphs of their own colonies.
237 Inferno Institute of Technology (IIT) founded.
450 Wave of CVs ends, as Old Earth becomes ever more hostile to Concordat and to space in general: some eco-regeneration makes fewer ready to risk 'Sink or Swim', or to accept lifetime separation from kin.
453 Sahel VIII aquaformed by IIT technology, settled by high-tech surfers.
560 onward  Centauri bubble cities grow from Concordat mahabhavium-mining bases on an airless dwarf planet orbiting half a light year from Beta Centauri: around this vital resource, Concordat maintains very tight control.
565 New Earth becomes Core World.
613 Revolt of Centauri bubble cities quashed by threat of air supply denial:
new Concordat policy declares there will never be more than a disciplined Concordat base in the same solar system as a significant mahabhavium resource.
619 My Delight becomes core world: Xenological Institute founded there.
620 onward  Extensive development of the Concordat.
1230 First discovery of organismic non-CHON life: silicoid flakes in the interpolar belt of the tidally resonant vulcano-trojan Alkalurops Ic.
1237 onward  Series of discoveries of non-CHON lifeforms, each radically different from the others and from all terrestrial lifeforms, in a variety of non-terrestrial environments. Nothing more complex than a beetle.
1507 onward  Increasingly complex alien organisms discovered, culminating in the deathstalker horde of Likely Prospect.
1633 System of galactic citizenship training and tests established.
1666 First intelligent aliens discovered: the photosynthetic carpets of the Proetus-Acrisius double planet system with a woven herd-history.
1754 Discovery of Gamut.
1759 Fionora Wylde publishes Running the Gamut.
1817 Discovery of Rock Star: long, cautious investigation begins.
1823 Maiden voyage of Valkyrie, third of the caltrop-design Da Silva vessels.
1868 Final voyage of Valkyrie.