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Living Labyrinth

by Ian Stewart and Tim Poston

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Glossary of Qish-specific terms in The Living Labyrinth

Deep, adjective: of a synte with a long synterior, and thus less tidal stress than a 'shallow' synte used only to transfer fluids or sounds.

Exsynte, verb, transitive (most Qish languages): to syntelically egest (final 'e' silent).

Kasynte, noun (most Qish languages): apparent-space-manipulable aperture of a synte. Exists only while entangled with its kantasynte, the other aperture.

Klòvij, noun: one thousand vij (see below).

Kreesh, you don't want to know. People go blind just thinking about the stuff.

Qish, proper noun (most Qish languages): planet galactically listed as Squill III.

Skint or sqint, noun (most Qish languages): small monetary unit; usually about 75gm of copper, but sometimes debased with silver.

Strint, noun (most Qish languages): syntelic transfer of metabolic material.

Syndept, noun (all Qish languages, modulo grammatical form): breeder, developer or cultivator of syntei.

Synte, noun (all Qish languages, final 'e' pronounced as in 'wet'), plural syntei: botanical Smale surgery of the meta-persistent karmabhumic hypersurface, requiring entangled meta-particles. Includes functional structures such as membranes, baffles, channels, etc. Evolved and bred varieties include:
Brasure: synte big enough for a human to wriggle through, barely.
Chamfret: synte a finger-length across.
Dropsynte: projectile-transmitting synte or kasynte, turning potential energy to kinetic.
Falasynte: bidirectional sound-passing synte or kasynte.
Grubsynte: synte or kasynte specialised for passing edible slurry.
Kolosynte: view-observation kasynte, kantasynte to an olosynte.
Koriel: oriel small enough to be carried.
Lopsynte: asymmetrical-opening synte or kasynte.
Mamasynte: used in Samdal to enable fathers to mother's-breastfeed.
Mismatch: synte with differing geometry of kasynte and kantasynte.
Napisynte: garment worn by humans without toilet training or cloacal syntei.
Night-synte: long-distance sunsynte lamp.
Olosynte: view-acquisition kasynte, kantasynte to a kolosynte.
Orelsynte: unidirectional sound-transmitting kasynte.
Oriel: synte or kasynte large enough to pass a human quickly.
Punctyle: synte a thumb-joint across.
Slavestone: synstone adapted to control humans.
Specksynte: miniature olosynte (highly diffracting) or orelsynte.
Natural ancestors transmit molecular signals undetected by Quishite science.
Spillsynte: large fixed watersynte.
Spysynte: inconspicuous information-transmitting synte or kasynte.
Syndial: wearable sundial, with a static kantasynte.
Synlight: sunlight transmitted through a synte.
Synstone: gut-anchored syntelic parasite.
Synsurgency: multiple hostile intrusion via synte.
Synthole: synte arranged for disposal of human bodily waste.
Syntorch: portable sunsynte.
Syntrap: syntelic man-trap.
Syntube: small portable dropsynte.
Syntecannon: large dropsynte.
Syntehead: initial access synte, by which other syntei and material can pass.
Cf classical English bridgehead.
Syntseed: seed syntelically linked to its parent plant.
Syntower: tall structure in a planar region, with stairs to reach a high wyzand.
Syntwell: deep structure in a planar region, with stairs to reach a low wyzand.
Wasynte: synte passable by aquatic creatures.
Watersynte: synte or kasynte specialised for high flow of water (fixed or portable).
Weathersynte: atmosphere-transmitting synte or kasynte.
Wyzand: synte or kasynte large enough to pass a walking human.

Synte, verb (all Qish languages, final 'e' silent), reflexive or transitive: to syntelically relocate.

Syntelic, adjective (all Qish languages, modulo grammatical form): related to syntei and the practice of their manipulation.

Syntelics, noun (Galaxic neologism, later adopted on Qish): related to the theory of syntelic manipulation.

Synthelics, noun (Galaxic neologism, later adopted on Qish): the theory of syntelic manipulation without dependence on living matter.

Synthelic, noun (Galaxic neologism, later adopted on Qish): the application of Synthelics.

Syntenet, noun (all Qish languages): system of nodes, most with multiple kasyntei, whose kantasyntei are in other nodes.

Synterior, noun (all Qish languages): space between kasynte and kantasynte, which relative to their surrounding spaces is neither here nor there.

Vij, noun (all Qish languages): an arm's length, without the hand. (Compare classical English foot.)