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Very little medical knowledge was transcribed in the Handbook by first generation survivors of the Magog crash, and the medical section of Magog's own Manual concerns the maintenance and use of electronic devices that did not survive at all. In some areas of Qish the incomprehensible observations of Manuel Volvii are chanted as mantras to the health deity Omulú, but in general Qishi medicine is more pragmatic. It completely lacks microbiology, either as science or descriptive language, but human anatomy is well understood, as is the circulation of the blood.

Asepsis is still practiced, for religious reasons. However, the germ theory is neither known on Qish, nor relevant, since infectious organisms and viruses were eliminated from all colonists before boarding Magog. Food taboos are independent of medical risk, since not even fæcal matter is dangerous. (Some gut bacteria have mutated to become disease carriers, but this has not yet become important.) Sexually transmitted disease is completely absent.

Systemic and allergenic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac problems, macular degeneration of the retina, asthma, etc., are a major concern. The Qishi molecular environment is a rich source of allergens, poisons and medicines. Religious mania is not unknown.

In Shaaluy, a ritual analogous to excommunication is required before amputation or even excision. The material to be removed is then theologically no longer part of the body, which is not, therefore, divided. Even piercing the body is religiously suspect (certain sub-sects refuse it altogether), but projectile weapons have a general dispensation when in use by an agent of the Church.

Obstetrics is well developed, including some Samdali developments unknown to the Concordat.