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Timeline of Qish history

Dates are given in Qishi years, measured from the arrival of Magog. Though many Qishites dispute the historicity of this event, such dating has remained stable since the generation that walked away from the crash.
Much that is usually prominent in Qishi histories of Qish has been omitted in this overview, aimed at relevance to a reader in the Concordat.

Date Event or process
-5.1×109 Formation of the planetary system around Squill.
-4.2×109 Earliest single-celled life forms.
-3.7×109 Photosynthesis, and free atmospheric oxygen.
-2.9×109 Complex multicellular life in the oceans.
-2.6×109 Land plants and animals.
-1.8×109 Syntelic plant phylum appears, soon becomes dominant (though never universal).
-1.3×109 First symbiosis of animals with syntelic plants: an evolutionary development that repeated independently approximately 17 times, adding to the great variety of such symbionts.
0 Crash-landing of Colony Vessel Magog in Grossest Midden: most passengers and crew survive, but soon flee to drier ground, with agricultural basics.
1–10 A string of settlements expands along Yandoory River, each very limited by available land. Many ethnic groups attempt to maintain identity, often by forming their own villages. Communication by trek and by small, unpowered boats printed by the last efforts of Magog fabs.
Lethality of many local animals, inedibility of the rest, and plants often poisonous to humans, lead to a hostile incuriosity about local biota ("Burn out, fence, and plant green!") and prestige for physical strength — which in later generations becomes a higher status for males, in many groups, without regard to actual fighting or other skills.
10 Sackbane settled: expansion continues. Pioneers reach wider arable lands around Little Yandoory River.
10–20 Most population migrates to Little Yandoory. Successive down-river expeditions strip Magog of everything movable, but no power source or working electronics makes it up river.
A group of ex-crew vows that they or their descendants will find Magog's beacon, and devise scriptures prophesying its use. To maintain their group identity they raise their children to hide from the view of other humans whenever possible, encouraged by resonant vows.
22 Manuscript of Handbook completed by surviving senior colonists: local-borns resist study based on this account of devices they have never seen. Would-be professors shamed into productive craft occupations.
23 Squirrel analogues lead 14-year-old Irina Bok to discovery of a non-lethal synte.
25 First, primitive syntenet. Height differences cut off lower Yandoory from communication, habitations down river from Sackbane abandoned over next generation.
26 First casualty due to hard object dropped through large height difference synte.
27 First syntelic projectile weapon.
30 Ascent of the Scantle Range and Two Mountains, increasing experimentation with syntei and height.
32 Teen experimenters discover erotic possibilities of syntei: oldsters attempt discouragement.
35 onward  Ethnic and occupational groups begin to discover unifying power of in-group syntelic contact, without need for visible areas of 'turf'.
30–90 Fertile northern coast lands of Shaaluy settled. Islands visible from headlands.
95 Last Magog-built boat swallowed by ocean monster.
96 First hand-built boat swallowed by ocean monster.
98 Seventh hand-built boat carries a brasure to Shapland, joining it to syntenet.
98–107 Island-hopping decade: many casualties, but high rewards for each new island reached.
108 First human-held brasure reaches Samdal: kantasynte on Loryx.
109 Small immature oriels passed from island to island to Samdal.
112 Oriels mature, creating direct syntelic link between Shaaluy and Samdal coasts.
112–120 Treks up Lorn River, synte transfer and maturation, extend links to steadily higher ground.
121 Syntelic link between Two Mountains and Sensifoy, first community on White Mountains range.
122 Two Mountains discovery that Sensifoy (scion of many successive settlements by the young and adventurous of lower communities) is openly accepting of erotic syntelics.
125 Increasing syntelic travel between Two Mountains and Sensifoy leads to charges of 'corrupting the youth'.
126 Limiting syntelic travel to persons over thirty fails to keep Shaaluy pure.
129 Patrick Aloysius de Vere Harmsworth Nasruddin forms Church of the Undivided Body.
130 Church of the Undivided Body seizes control of Two Mountains, and hence (with height advantage) all of Shaaluy.
130 Purification Raid on Sensifoy, height equal to Two Mountains. Sensifoy defended, with 2km-drop weapons, Army of the Undivided Body falls back.
131 Many inhabitants of Shaaluy flee to Samdal, mostly by Crosswit-Lorn links below mountain level.
132 Church destroys all syntei leading out of Shaaluy it can find, retaining one high oriel for diplomatic contact and luxury trade for high priesthood. Refuses entry to Samdalis, but with no counter-blockade sets up information network on Samdal.
135 Church discovery of hidden brasures, secret body-dividing groups, etc.: formation of the Quisition.
121–200 Pioneers spread Samdal syntenet over the entire continent.
195 First successful breeding of a wyzand.
203 Shallow Weivern Strait (northern Samdal) has only slow and small monsters: improved ship building allows a crossing to Disht, which turns out to have highly accessible copper mines, creating great wealth on that island.
203–245 Dishti leisure class develops Weivern boat sports: high casualty rate is just evolution in action, increasing the sexual allure of the survivors. Compensation paid to families of crew who do not escape via oriels.
246 First yacht race north of Disht, in the Sea of Wishes: no surviving boats.
247 Second yacht race in the Sea of Wishes: no surviving boats.
248 Wevor, first survivor/winner of a yacht race in the Sea of Wishes, vows to go beyond shallow waters: spends the fortunes of two families on developing fast, manoeuvrable ships, most eaten by monsters.
272 Wevor's three-ship expedition crosses to the kelp-filled shallows of the neighbouring continental shelf. Two are fouled by vegetation and caught by monsters, but Wevor lands a wyzand on the new continent. The kantasynte is seized by his creditors, and he spends his remaining years cadging drinks in the land named after him.
272–280 Colonist groups flood into Wevory, including a mystical sect fascinated by caverns.
305 A sense of male oppression in the weaving subculture on Samdal leads to formation of the initially non-violent Vain Vaimoksi: charismatic leadership leads it to new purposes.
310 The mystics of Wevory, exploring the highest caverns they have reached, find and conceal the beacon of Magog. They fail to trigger its opening, and revise their ancestors' prophecies to predict the coming of others who will achieve this.
325 Coastal Wevorites discover paloom trees, and push oriel buds through watersyntei to explore where the kantasyntei might be.
330 Wevorites reach Lamynt, and many islands across the Endless Ocean.
335 Sunlight-transfer lighting invented.
350 First grain planted in the plains of Bansh.
783 Defeat of last territory-based resistance in Samdal to Tenchurian Empire.
1066 Church of the Divided Body declares heretical the notion of a manufactured Magog.
1115 Kuukau settle along the Greywraith mountains in Lamynt.
1423 Kuukau attempt to grow bazza in the Telvet Waste, fail.
1435 Discovery: Greywraith water enables bazza to grow in the Telvet Waste.
1440 Quantity bazza cultivation begins in the Telvet Waste, growing and becoming essential over the next four centuries.
1863 Bazza crop fails.
1865 Wevorin assault on Greywraith side of water transfer.
1866 Kuukau counter-attack in strength: war becomes general across Wevory.
1871 Concordat caltrop vessel Valkyrie burns in Qish atmosphere, six Starfolk trainees crash in emergency landing capsule.