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"Classic science fiction: a startling and original premise, a character-driven plot exploring that premise with great imagination and ingenuity… Recalls Niven at his best — with better science."
- Stephen Baxter

Sam, Jane, Felix, Elzabet (Lady Elzabet of Quynt), Tinka, and Marco have just been brought together — a mismatched bunch of over-qualified and highly-skilled trainees, from all corners of the Concordat, assembled on a small moon. They are taking their first steps toward Starhome and qualification as galactic citizens. If they survive. Their first training mission: An extended voyage to the boondocks, out in space where all they can damage is themselves (and a very expensive Da Silva starship). Everything starts out normally, quantum jumping through space-time congruences as the Da Silva drive does… until it's very much not normal, and they find themselves in a strange place indeed.

The site
The Living Labyrinth tells all that the story needs about location(s), but if you want to know more about them, or their history/ecology/games, or the Galaxy, or the complications of interstellar travel, read it here —
or, write/draw it here.

The authors

Tim Poston
Ian Stewart
wrote a book on Catastrophe Theory forty years ago (still in print), and almost immediately started writing this one. Due to several simultaneity quakes, they have only just finished it, but the sequel (Rock Star) already has a complete draft.

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